Pop Tarts and the value of personality

In Margaret Mead’s theory she states that culture shapes personality. In the realm of pop culture people choose what types of aspects are shown to be valuable. In popular music, people, especially women, are chosen by their looks. If a woman does not have the “star quality look” she will not be considered for the big stage. Putting value on the quality of beauty in our culture shapes how people act. Many people see beauty as a way to succeed. They become self-involved and believe their actions don’t matter because beauty is valued instead of a friendly personality.  In America shaping the music industry to be about beauty reflects how much value people put into beauty.


4 thoughts on “Pop Tarts and the value of personality

  1. juliakathleenadair says:

    Mead was just as must interesting in the idea that too many choices, too much pressure to make the ‘right’ one and the idea that these choices where presented too soon and as irrevocable was the cause of delinquency, depression and neurosis. If our nation’s daughters are presented with the choice (I am not stating that I believe it is a one or the other choice, merely that that is how it is being presented) between expressing a typified version of beauty or a expression of their own personality or thoughts before they are really capable of having fully developed either intellect or personality. Too what purpose does this early choice serve? What is the benefit is there in convincing generations of girls that their primary value is as a pretty thing? A point of enculturation so ingrained that even female professors warn that people may not take you seriously as an intellectual if you wear eye makeup.

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