Once Upon a Time is a transformation of Lost.

Brief summary of Lost, around 20 people are stranded on an island because of a plane crash. The island has mystical powers which allow one passenger to walk when he was in a wheelchair. The goal for the people on the island is get off the island and return home to their lives. And then there was polar bear.


Brief summary of Once Upon a Time, there was a curse that was used by the evil queen to take away the happiness of all fairy tale characters.  The fairy tale characters were sent to a world that had no magic, this world was earth. The fairy tale characters do not know that they are stranded. A savior had the ability to break the curse but does not believe that the curse is real.


They both have aspect about people being stranded, the passengers on the island and the fairytale creatures on earth. This is a transformation because they have a similar aspect of being stranded but the way in which they go about escaping is different. The fairy tale characters do not know that they need to be saved while the people on the island are working collectively to get off the island. Once Upon a Time is a transformation of Lost because it shows a different form of being saved.


2 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. hohen003 says:

    I disagree your assessment of Once Upon a Time that the fairy tale characters are not trying to be saved from the non-magical world, earth. Regina, the evil queen, casted the spell to take away all happiness, but not all of the people in the realm of magic world lost the knowledge of who they are. Mr. Gold, Rumpelstiltskin, remembers what happened and is trying to get Emma, the savior and the daughter of Snow White and James (Prince Charming), to believe in magic so that she can break the curse. Also August Booth, Pinocchio, is taking a more active role in trying to prove to Emma that magic does exist. Mr. Gold and August Booth are both working together to save everyone. Though there are only two people in this situation of escaping it is similar to Lost since these they are trying to save themselves and the others.

    • toura001 says:

      I meant that the majority of the people in Storybrooke cannot objectively see that they are stranded unlike in Lost everybody understands that they are stranded.

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