Breeching, Perception

Post one Sara Jozefowski

Chapter four of Sears and Cairins talks about the different ways people perceive reality and how it affects life. I think that the perception of reality is something that is really good for people to look at because it is something that varies person to person. There are even different levels of perceptional difference that we may not think of, like city to city, state to state, and in different countries. Country to country seems like an obvious example to me. This is an assumption that I realized I had while I was starting to write this statement. I think people’s perceptions have to vary when they live in different parts of the world. But I had to stop and think about my assumption. For example I have traveled outside of America and faced reality differences first hand. For example when I traveled to Germany I thought it would be okay to sit outside a building while my friend went shopping, I quickly learned through peoples responses that doing that definitely was not socially acceptable there, which was a bit of culture shock for me. Another reason I felt that the different view of reality was a normal thing for people to know is because I study Anthropology. Once I stop to think about it, I know many people who rarely think of other countries reality views being different. Those who live here may not realize that there is a difference in our perceptions of reality at all. Now I am going to narrow our perspective down to state level. I am sure we all know the disputes that occur between people from Wisconsin and people from Illinois. This issue does not make sense. I have talked to people from both states who have assumptions that people from the other state are slow or purposely singling them out for different reasons. But why is this? The states are in the same region the thing that separates them is an imaginary border line. There must be however something creating the tensions between people in states. I think one of the things is our perception. I have had to deal with a pharmacist who I had always thought hated me but I could not figure out why. Over time I realized that there were allot of people from Illinois that come to the stores I worked at, and they moved extremely fast paced and would say something if they thought you were moving slow.  I knew that the pharmacist was from Illinois so once I learned to move at a faster pace to there no longer seemed to be tensions. It is my theory that the difference could be because people are used to moving faster in our neighbor state so to us some can seem rude, however if we look at things differently we probably seem slow and sluggish to them. This is just an assumption that I am making. People might not move at a much faster pace but besides sports teams it is the only connection I can make to the ridiculous dispute between the two states. There is also the perception of cities and country areas. Many people from areas like Union Groove and Raymond see Racine as ghetto and dangerous. Since I went to school in Racine and had experiences in the city I do not see it the same way. I see it as a place where some people have less money and as a result sometimes some get a little run down. There are also areas in Racine where it is obviously kept up better. On the other end, people can see people from the country as ignorant and rude. When you look at their lives not everyone is rich but the difference between the people is the type of work they do and the lifestyle they live. So the different types of work in these areas creates there different views and can cause issues. These places are different from each other and people’s different life experiences have shaped how people look at the world. Although people may not live in extremely different geographic or climate regions slight variations in there conscious reality changes how they look at the world so those people who do not live far from one another may not like the other group’s way of life.

Sara Jozefowski


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