19th Century Evolutionism

Dead Anthropologists Late at Night

Unilinear cultural revolution! And computer voices!


2 thoughts on “Dead Anthropologists Late at Night

  1. Here’s an interesting reply to the accusations that Morgan was racist and that he was a ‘mere’ armchair anthropologist, by Matthew Bradley. Matt is, himself, Native American, and a folklorist and linguistic anthropologist. He holds Morgan in a great deal of respect for his ethnographies of the Iroquois people. See here: http://consanguinityandaffinity.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/misconceptions-about-morgan/ In addition, keep in mind that Morgan specifically sought to fully describe the sense and logic of the Iroquois way of life, in order to garner them more respect in their fight for land rights and more sympathy for the changes they had been subjected to.

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