Spore is a really fun PC game that was released in 2008, and as the video states that you start as a single celled organism,and from there you keep evolving until you have reach the far ends of the universe and conquered it. In this game you definitely go through the three stages of savagery, barbarism, and civilization. Shortly after you have reached land mated and ate a few other creatures you begin the savagery stage. Your creatures brain grows in size and you are able now to start hunting in packs. Your creature also gains the ability to pick up simple tools such as sticks and rocks. You could use those to bash in other creatures heads or impress them. You do this in two ways by striking the objects against the trees to get the unreachable fruit, or giving them as gifts. After doing this for a while your creatures brain grows again and you enter barbarism, which is signified by your creature sticking a stick to a rock and creating fire. Now that you have enter the barbarism stage you mode of subsistence has upgraded by improved tools for hunting and gathering, and the ability to domesticate animals. You build structures and can increase the size of your population. Ought Ohhh! There are other creatures with the powers of independent inventions also forming tribes, and it is up to you to prove that you have what it takes to reached the next stage of evolution before those others. This is where diffusion comes in handy in two ways. There are eight technologies that signify this stage; three weapons, three instruments, and a gathering tool. Each of the other tribes will have one of those technologies that you don’t, and so you have to make contact. The first way diffusion can happen is by you picking up your spears, fire-sticks, and stone axes and murdering the other tribes to take there tech, but they could do the same to you. The other is by giving gifts of gathered resources and picking up those maracas, drums, and wood flutes and tribal dance into their hearts. Now that you have befriended or murdered everyone you have now entered the stage of civilization. In the civilization stage you start with one town and one available resource to start making you some money. In this stage there are other cities and resources held by the same type of creature you are but rendered in a different color..nudge…nudge. Like the video said if you wanna explore space you gotta unify that planet first by three ways; militaristic, economic, or religious. Military victories are about inventing new weapons from tanks, warships, fighter planes, to missile strikes. Blow up the other cities rebuild them as your own and take those resources by force. Economic victories are achieved by improve trade with the other cities via land sea and air till have have amassed enough wealth to buy out the other cities and their resources. Like Morgan this came doesn’t put much stock in religion. You try to convert all other cities to your religion the end. Normally as you are doing this the other cities are blowing you up or buying you out from underneath you. Now that the planet is yours its time to blast off into space and take resources and planets from other less evolved species, because you know they are far to primitive to know what to do with all the resources they have. So they are best under your control.


3 thoughts on “Spore The Game of Evolution, Unilinear Evolution, and Colonialism

  1. There is religion – intelligent design. All that happens because SOMEONE (you?) decided your creature needed some trait.
    Think about this – did unilineal evolution put any stock in diffusion?

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