Karl Marx, Revolution, and Rage Against the Machine

Karl Marx is one of the most influential and misunderstood social theorists in history. His ideas about industrialized society and the conflict of the classes were great observations. They might not hold true as generalizing principals of humanity; however few things do. Humans can be infuriating that way. Nothing seems to fit the generalizations completely. the best we can do is see patterns. Because of the link to the Bolshevik revolution and the soviet union it was considered treasonous in the US to promote the Ideas of Karl Marx. However, his Ideas can bee validated by looking at American society. The Occupy Movement is a class based non violent revolution. The one percent of American people who control the wealth are the bourgeoisie. The revolution may have started with occupy, but some in our society are calling for a more traditional violent revolution. The lead singer and lyric writer for Rage Against the Machine Zack De La Rocha is one of those people. His lyrics are very Marxian. In the song with out a face Zack says “Raped for tha grapes, profit for tha bourgeois”. In another song he talks about walking down rodeo drive in Beverly Hills California with a shot gun. This neighborhood is synonymous with wealth. In the same song he declares his longing for wealth when he states”fuck the G ride I want the machines that are making them”. This is access to the mode of production. which is another Marxian Idea. Maybe the revolution is coming, However the Ideas of Karl Mark are still prevalent, and this has made him one of the most influential social theorists in history.                            


One thought on “Karl Marx, Revolution, and Rage Against the Machine

  1. Marx is about more than class conflict. It depends on which period of Marx you read, I guess. It’s also about the internal contradictions within any given mode of production. That’s what’s transferable to anthropology, I think.

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