Blog Etiquette & Organization

Welcome to Spring 2016

Before we start, here’s some notes about this blog for the students in SOCA 302 in Spring 2016.

Read through the previous blog posts. These were written by other students like you, with about as much knowledge of anthropological theory as you (perhaps even less!). See what they’ve written? It’s fun, it makes theory accessible, and hopefully it will help you in learning more about theory.

Few people anywhere are perfect experts in theory. Even the experts argue and debate about what things ‘really’ mean and whether so-and-so meant that when s/he wrote this. So, if you see something in a blog post that you think is a misinterpretation, don’t assume that you’re wrong! Your interpretation is as valid as any other.

Use moreĀ formal language in the blog posts – no text-speak/abbreviations, please!

If it is not clear that your user name is you, then add your name in at the end of each of your posts or comments.

Be sure to categorize your post. There’s a list on the left of the screen when you are writing a post, and if a tag you want is not in the list, then create a new category. Don’t forget to uncheck ‘uncategorized.’ It will help all of us with navigation.

Please DO add images to your post!

Preview your page before publishing.

Look for your invitation to be an author for this page in coming days.