Laughing in the face of conflict By:Veronica Heiser


Intellectual Black Guy

Good for tech conferences. Also available to stand next to you while you say racist things at parties. Because you can’t be racist if one of your best friends is black, obvs.
Picture and text from: http://rentaminority.com

  On the way home from class today I was listening to the MPR station, which was airing a segment on a site called rentaminority.com. This satire site was made by Arwa Mahdawi, a half-Palestinian and half-English women who works at an advertising firm in New York. She said she created the site to point out the problem with superficial diversity being marketed within the technology and media industries.

These industries are “showing (diverse) face” in their marketing schemes, but when looking at their board of directors one would have to ask, where is the diversity? The daunting reality behind the joke shows the facade of the so called “perfect minority” being created to cover up the truth in their discrimination. The concept of “showing face” is nothing new to business men or upperclassmen. They may have temporarily painted the “face” black, but when the paint peals away the white man beneath will show.

This site has not caused any problems so far, in fact the collective conscious appears to be amused. I applaud Arwa for her non-aggressive approach to the conflict she faces in her daily life. This site has become a sort of media tool to show awareness of this ever growing problem in a hilarious manner.


89.7FM Milwaukee Public Radio #unbaised reporting

bbc.com, 17 February 2016 what’s trending


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