Symbols and Power?

Lately, in class we have been discussing symbols and what symbols mean. One theorist that has been brought up was Turner. I thought about how symbols can mean the smallest things within a culture or they could have a huge impact within the culture. I also instantly think about how symbols are today in the United States and how we view symbols from little to big. I think they make a difference within society and our culture, because we all are not the same. I thought about symbols having power, we have been talking about power as well in class lately and in my discussion post, I brought up power and symbols as well. How much power does a symbol have within a culture?

I can also put in The Nuer, as they wouldn’t view symbols the same as we would due to cultural differences and the way they do things. I think about how people view the symbol of the cross, and some other people don’t due to not being religious. It also all kind of falls down to how culture values symbols and what symbols they value. I would say symbols make a culture up to be more because symbols can give people within a culture something to worship or believe in. A symbol can express how a culture feels or what a culture lives by. The greatest thing of all, these symbols can be in the form of anything, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something written on paper but could be a piece of clothing or jewelry that symbolizes something within marriage for certain cultures. I think symbols are unique and different, I think they can mean and represent incredible things within a culture, and make that culture believe in more than just what they see.

I would say symbols carry power but they also carry culture change, and growth. When I think about the Nuer getting married, their symbol for marriage may mean so much because it symbolizes a woman being married to man in a new family. I also think about symbols in our own cultures, and we take symbols very serious as well, they carry power that form the way we think about the things or people around us.

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