Durkheim Division of Labor

2.22.2018 This post is by Jay Rasmussen, uploaded by Dr. Kate Looking at the hospital system each unit from the medical surgical unit, pediatric, cardiac surveillance, intensive care unit, and surgery each of these units are their own environment but they are part of the hospital system. In the medical field, they have their ownContinue reading “Durkheim Division of Labor”

… Returning soon for the Spring 2018 semester!

Right on schedule, we’ll be exploring anthropological theory again starting in January 2018. Stay tuned for more insights from the students of ANTH 302 – yes, you read that right, it’s no longer SOCA 302. Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside now has its own designation. We’ve also merged with the Geography department and areContinue reading “… Returning soon for the Spring 2018 semester!”

We’re on Hiatus because …

… this is a class web site. I’m offering the class again in Spring, so come back for more insights! And thank you so much for your comments and pingbacks. The authors here are undergraduates studying anthropology, and these are often their first attempts at making sense of social theory. Your comments mean so much toContinue reading “We’re on Hiatus because …”

Welcome to Spring 2016

Before we start, here’s some notes about this blog for the students in SOCA 302 in Spring 2016. Read through the previous blog posts. These were written by other students like you, with about as much knowledge of anthropological theory as you (perhaps even less!). See what they’ve written? It’s fun, it makes theory accessible,Continue reading “Welcome to Spring 2016”