Deconstruction in a Newer Era

In 1994, William O’Barr published Culture and the Ad: Exploring the World of Otherness in Advertisement. O’Barr attempted to look at how the portrayal of minorities in advertisement had changed over time.1 He particularly looked at print advertising from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. An important aspect to O’Barr’s analysis was the use of deconstruction.Continue reading “Deconstruction in a Newer Era”

Trobriand Islands & The United States: Sexual Practices and a Lesson in Cultural Relativism

        For us in the United States, though constantly changing and being challenged, our sexual practices are normal for us. It is a private matter that should take place between those in relationships and while casual sex does occur, it is not something commonly discussed. Sexual partners beyond one’s partner, such asContinue reading “Trobriand Islands & The United States: Sexual Practices and a Lesson in Cultural Relativism”

Durkheim and the Religious Evolution of the Nuer

Emile Durkheim was renowned for his work on religion. Rather than taking a philosophical vantage he asserted that society does not worship God, but rather society worships itself. This meant the concept of God was something that was created by society and fit according to the needs of society. His original study looked at whatContinue reading “Durkheim and the Religious Evolution of the Nuer”