Walt Disney Meets Fredrik Barth

  The end of the semester is upon us once again and so naturally, procrastination has begun to distract me from studying. Instead of changing my procrastination habits to stop watching Netflix and to work harder, I decided to work smarter. While streaming Netflix and trying to find something to watch, I decided on Disney’sContinue reading “Walt Disney Meets Fredrik Barth”

Weber and his Possible Obsession with Shoes and Inspirational Quotes

  Though I am unsure of the origin of the sayings, I remember my mother always quoting things like “until you walk a mile in another person’s shoes”. And now aside from my mother, when I hear or read something similar, I think Weber. Maybe this is the reason I felt a likeness towards hisContinue reading “Weber and his Possible Obsession with Shoes and Inspirational Quotes”

Marx and Conflict in Maycomb County

In high school, when reading To Kill a Mockingbird was a requirement, I had paid no attention to one of the most prominent inhabitants of Maycomb County. In my defense, the name Karl Marx was never eluded to nor included as an actual character in the novel. Nonetheless, he had been there the whole time.Continue reading “Marx and Conflict in Maycomb County”