Earth and the Anthropological Effects of Malnourishment

In the Earths history human kind has changed and evolved and grown to become coarse to earth. Even though it is the place we inhabit many of the current majority populations seem to be discontented with earth and think that it is a large trash can for their industrialization. Personally I think that there isContinue reading “Earth and the Anthropological Effects of Malnourishment”

Patterns, in Theory

Ruth Benedict was a wonderful Anthropologist and was profoundly influential on how we view cultural patterns. A term that she uses to explain the components of them are “configurations” which is a very digestible term seeing how our smartphones all have settings that are configurations as well. And similarly to how our phones operate with theContinue reading “Patterns, in Theory”

Tylor’s Misconception

Tylor proposed a very fascinating and very simple theory, that human religion can be tracked side by side with human advancement. That if we were to look at a culture that had religion in a specific form or function that we could extrapolate other information about how advanced or primitive that culture or society really is.  Of course,Continue reading “Tylor’s Misconception”