The Reification of Virginity

When taking into consideration the ways in which past structural functionalist such as Radcliffe-Brown, Malinowski, and Evans-Pritchard have attributed particular elements of a society into their framework, it is necessary to remember that these models are not a real thing. They reiterate time and time again how people’s behaviors are motivated by the ‘needs’ ofContinue reading “The Reification of Virginity”

The Giver and The Organic Analogy

Emile Durkheim used the organic analogy to attribute the workings of society to that of the human body. He believed that all humans exist according to one another and are interconnected to create a cohesive whole. The society described in the popular novel and film The Giver is also analogous to the structures of theContinue reading “The Giver and The Organic Analogy”

Questioning Reality in Fight Club

As anthropologists in training, it is our job to learn how to question our surroundings and the surroundings of others not known to us. It is important to question what makes something within a society `real’. People make assumptions about reality and determine what they think is `real’ through sensory receptors and presume that theirContinue reading “Questioning Reality in Fight Club”