The Expansion of Symbolism

I really enjoyed Victor Turner’s work on symbolism. Symbolism throughout peoples cultures and actions is highly intriguing to me and I always look for symbolism in everything around me. He did a really good job breaking down the various types of symbols, starting with primary and secondary. Primary symbols directly mimic an object, while secondaryContinue reading “The Expansion of Symbolism”

Phenomenology and Causation: A Complex Relationship

Much like my last blog post I will start off with a story. I recall three years ago in Spring, and ex of mine stopped by to visit. I was at work and when he arrived to my house he was greeted by my father and his sister. They decided to have lunch and whenContinue reading “Phenomenology and Causation: A Complex Relationship”

Your Reality is Always Subjective

I really enjoyed this week’s readings on reality in A Good Book in Theory. Reality is subjective to an individual’s memory of sensations they are subjected to over the course of their lifetime. An object is something that can be seen, touched, or smelled and this determines if said item is real. However, everyone’s perceptionsContinue reading “Your Reality is Always Subjective”