The Social Drama of a Convenience Store , or Symbolic gestures of romance and the distinction of flattering or creepy

At the convenience store that I work at there is currently social drama between two social actors, boy working behind the register and regular female costumer.

Act one girl meets boy

Boy working behind the register has just began his nightly shift at the convenience store.  He is 19 years of age and has a more athletic physical build.  He would be considered attractive in the current standards of our society.  He counts his drawer in and begins to ring up customers.  Enter into the scene Regular female costumer she is 24 years of age, and has an average or less than average appearance ,depending our who you would ask, in the current standards of our society.  This information is important because they factor in the the perceptions of symbols.  During both first and second hand observations Regular female customer does not make conversation, she does not wear makeup, she does not smile or make eye contact, and she completes her transaction and leaves.  This been repeated and observed again and again.  I as your narrator only stress to the solidify my observations of the symbols that are about to occur.  Regular female customer gets into Boy working behind the register’s line when she reaches the counter she makes the following statement.  

Regular female customer:  Do you know that you look like Zac Efron?

This is the first symbol of attraction by flattering Boy working behind the register by comparing him to a “sexy celebrity”

Act two getting to know you

Regular female customer shows more symbolic gestures of interest in Boy working behind the register by making sure she comes in when he is working, and to always be rang up by him.  More symbolic advances in the hopes of romance are performed when she continues to try and spark conversation with him to gain knowledge of his interests.  Symbolic gestures are literally written on her face as she has begun to wear makeup, which in our cultures is symbolic with looking prettier.  She has gone so far as to ask other employees about Boy working behind the register, and asked when he was working next. All of this is molding the perception of Regular Female customer to Boy working behind the register and, not including your narrator, other employees.  

Act three Perception

This is the final act of our social drama due to current social standards of what is attractive Boy working behind the register has perceived all of Regular female customers’ advances as creepy.  My information for this part was not observed by related to me from fellow employees that he explained his disinterest in her thoroughly, and she has not returned to the store.  The point your narrator would like to make is this.  If Regular female costumer was seen as “more attractive” by Boy working behind the register would he still have interpreted your symbols as creepy or would they have been seen as flattering.   My interpretation is that  symbolic gestures in romance and sexual attraction are either perceived as flattering or creepy based on the how “sexually attractive” the other actor finds the performer of these symbols.           


Spore is a really fun PC game that was released in 2008, and as the video states that you start as a single celled organism,and from there you keep evolving until you have reach the far ends of the universe and conquered it. In this game you definitely go through the three stages of savagery, barbarism, and civilization. Shortly after you have reached land mated and ate a few other creatures you begin the savagery stage. Your creatures brain grows in size and you are able now to start hunting in packs. Your creature also gains the ability to pick up simple tools such as sticks and rocks. You could use those to bash in other creatures heads or impress them. You do this in two ways by striking the objects against the trees to get the unreachable fruit, or giving them as gifts. After doing this for a while your creatures brain grows again and you enter barbarism, which is signified by your creature sticking a stick to a rock and creating fire. Now that you have enter the barbarism stage you mode of subsistence has upgraded by improved tools for hunting and gathering, and the ability to domesticate animals. You build structures and can increase the size of your population. Ought Ohhh! There are other creatures with the powers of independent inventions also forming tribes, and it is up to you to prove that you have what it takes to reached the next stage of evolution before those others. This is where diffusion comes in handy in two ways. There are eight technologies that signify this stage; three weapons, three instruments, and a gathering tool. Each of the other tribes will have one of those technologies that you don’t, and so you have to make contact. The first way diffusion can happen is by you picking up your spears, fire-sticks, and stone axes and murdering the other tribes to take there tech, but they could do the same to you. The other is by giving gifts of gathered resources and picking up those maracas, drums, and wood flutes and tribal dance into their hearts. Now that you have befriended or murdered everyone you have now entered the stage of civilization. In the civilization stage you start with one town and one available resource to start making you some money. In this stage there are other cities and resources held by the same type of creature you are but rendered in a different color..nudge…nudge. Like the video said if you wanna explore space you gotta unify that planet first by three ways; militaristic, economic, or religious. Military victories are about inventing new weapons from tanks, warships, fighter planes, to missile strikes. Blow up the other cities rebuild them as your own and take those resources by force. Economic victories are achieved by improve trade with the other cities via land sea and air till have have amassed enough wealth to buy out the other cities and their resources. Like Morgan this came doesn’t put much stock in religion. You try to convert all other cities to your religion the end. Normally as you are doing this the other cities are blowing you up or buying you out from underneath you. Now that the planet is yours its time to blast off into space and take resources and planets from other less evolved species, because you know they are far to primitive to know what to do with all the resources they have. So they are best under your control.


Breeching Customer Service Expectations

In the fourth chapter of A Good Book, In Theory book we learned that people’s perceptions of reality govern ways that they act in social systems.  Breeching experiments are designed to help disrupt the rules of given situations that people take for granted.  After reading this chapter I learned that for the past seven years I have performed several breeching experiments at my place of employment.  I would like to share a few of them with you.  

1.  Breeching a register transaction

At the store that I work at it is customary for us to suggestive sell to the customer for every transaction.  Besides the usual no a large number of people would respond “not today”.  So I took it up on my self to challenge this response the next day I was at work.  Anytime that someone responded with “not today” when I suggestive sold I would respond in this manner. Early in my life I found that I have the ability to make myself tear up at will which came in handy for this experiment.  I would work up some tears and put on my most saddest face and ask the customer “if not today… than..than… when?” Many customers laughed and sometimes purchase a muffin.  Some looked shocked at my display and bought a muffin, which I am pretty sure was out of pity.  Then there were the customers that got angry and were not amused by my antics.  They would not buy a muffin threaten to tell the manager about me, and then do nothing.

2. Breeching in a customer conversation about expired food

At the store I work at hot food can only be out under the warmer for a certain amount of time.  It must then be removed marked down as waste then thrown out.  This process has intrigued some customers to ask what happens to the food that is expiring,and if they can have said item for free since we are throwing it way.  The usual response to this questions from the workers, in the kitchen, is that it is against company policy to give expired food to customers for the liability purposes about food born illnesses.  When customers have asked me why don’t we give out  expiring items instead of my throwing them away. I abruptly respond with crushing an expired item in my hand, and (with a stern look) state we do not tolerate failure!

3. Breeching the use of a hairnet

At the company I work hairnets are to be worn with working with any food products.  For women they must have their hair tied back and wear a hairnet.  For men they must have their hair in a hairnet, and if you have any facial hair you must wear and an accompanying beard-net.  I have found that the hairnets are large enough the stretch over my entire head, and when I do this and customers ask why I have that in my head I either tell them I am a bee keeper, or I’m a robber…stick em’ up!  I also found it quite interesting that the beard-nets are in the shape of white triangles.  I will sometimes wear one of them over my hairnet tilted to one side, which in Japanese folklore the white triangle on someone’s head meant they are a ghost. I would then be told my my assistant manager ” Jay stop it!  You are not a ghost, and nobody gets what you are doing anyway!”