Post-Modernism in Today’s Modern World

Within the fieldwork of post-modernism theory states that the individual’s own experience can never be replicated, also-known-as the crisis of replicability. Take for instance the image featured above of the blind men who are feeling each a different part of the elephant. Each man feels, smells, hears something different the person next to him. ThisContinue reading “Post-Modernism in Today’s Modern World”

Moana, Malinowski and British Structural-functionalism

There are many names for the theory that focuses more on the practices that support or express social relationships in situations, this theory is British Structural-functionalism or Hyphenated functionalism. British Structural-functionalism was introduced through the work of Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown. Malinowski focused on long-term, highly detailed fieldwork and redetected the idea of evolutionary states andContinue reading “Moana, Malinowski and British Structural-functionalism”

Through the Looking Eyes

As we discuss anthropological theory we have on particular lenses that help us perceive our world around us. In order to perceive the theories and cultures we are immersing ourselves in we have to practice cultural relativism, not our standard bias of ethnocentrism.  Cultural relativism can be defined as the practice of perceiving another’s culture within their through their own eyes, not your own culture’s eyes. Unlike, ethnocentrism where we perceive another’s culture throughContinue reading “Through the Looking Eyes”