“Knowledge is Power” or Power is knowledge?

One of the most perplexing ideas presented to me during my time as college student has been the conflict of “objective” versus “subjective”. Now I realize that these terms can be attached to a never ending amount of ideas but think of them in a philosophical sense. As did I for the first time, inContinue reading ““Knowledge is Power” or Power is knowledge?”

The Kula and reciprocity in the rest of the world in a functionalist lens

It would appear that the large span of geographic and social connections of the people of South pacific Asian island regions play a part in a larger social functionality and system. Unknowingly we too contribute and participate in systems like this daily. The Kula ring represents a system of trade, societal, and geographic connection betweenContinue reading “The Kula and reciprocity in the rest of the world in a functionalist lens”

Wealth Distribution, the rich and everyone else.

The theories written by Marx and Durkheim discussed in Moberg, connected most closely to my experience of the world. I have worked in the service industry since I turned 14 years old and began my first job as a bus boy. Working in restaurants and bar settings gives one the opportunity to observe people fromContinue reading “Wealth Distribution, the rich and everyone else.”