Postmodern Ideology and the Narrative Format

One of the key ideas in postmodern anthropology is the rejection of the rhetorical strategies by past researchers to make themselves seem as though they were objective researchers. This stems from the idea that the third-person perspective doesn’t show how a researcher knows a fact that they are trying to assert. The third-person separates theContinue reading “Postmodern Ideology and the Narrative Format”

The Legacy of the Oedipal Complex

Freud’s Oedipal complex theory states that the son is in constant conflict with his father. This will lead the son to strive to become his father’s better, and, in Freud’s example, to want sex with their mother. When most people hear about this their immediate reaction is to be grossed out by the idea. WhoContinue reading “The Legacy of the Oedipal Complex”

Tylors Survivals in the Modern Drag Show

During one of our readings, I became fascinated with Tylor’s idea of survivals. His idea claims that some cultural practices continue to survive long after the time period that gave rise to it, albeit in a different form. I primarily became fascinated with it because it suggested to me a historical approach to anthropology. AndContinue reading “Tylors Survivals in the Modern Drag Show”