Do We Adapt To Our Environments Today?

Julian Steward believed that humans shape their lives, as well as their culture, around what their environment provides them.  I believe, that in present day, that is absolutely true.  Since the industrial revolution began, we began living unsustainably.  We take far more from our Earth than the Earth can regenerate.  We are stripping our planetContinue reading “Do We Adapt To Our Environments Today?”

The Nuer, the Kula Ring, and Modern Day Society

Both the Nuer culture and the culture of the Kula Ring have a different view from Western culture of what life should be like. However, structural functionalism would argue that the individuals in every society, works together to function as a larger, more connected society. Each social institution has it’s own important function in thatContinue reading “The Nuer, the Kula Ring, and Modern Day Society”

Nuer Society VS Modern-day Industrial Society and the Environment

Within the novel by E.E. Evans-Pritchard, The Nuer, a culture exists that will astonish any modern-day, industrialized citizen.  However, as an ENVS student, reading about the life of the Nuer people makes me extremely excited and interested to further educate myself about their culture. The Nuer people live off of their land and they workContinue reading “Nuer Society VS Modern-day Industrial Society and the Environment”