Foucault and “brainwashing by the state”.

Foucault’s work builds upon the ideas of Louis Althusser (a French structural Marxist), who observed that states govern using force and an “ideological state apparatus,” or the institutions (education, law, and politics) by which the state promoted its version of the “truth”. Foucault also thought that power did not simply involve physical or economic coercion,Continue reading “Foucault and “brainwashing by the state”.”

Social Structure; does it work or not?

Radcliffe-Brown’s main focus was on social structure and not “culture”, and that by studying this would create universal laws that would apply to all societies. (Moberg p. 180) While describing Radcliffe-Brown’s views, Moberg talks about the hierarchy of the University and how the people working there (or other institutions) have job descriptions which should insureContinue reading “Social Structure; does it work or not?”

Marxism in the Walking Dead.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) is the author of The Communist Manifesto (1848). He is known as a political philosopher and “the father of communism”.  In his philosophy he aims to better understand the social basis of the grievances of the workers and in so doing provide a theory of capitalism that could guide worker’s movements. In theContinue reading “Marxism in the Walking Dead.”