The Management of Gender and Sexuality

As a gender non-conforming individual, I was always utterly confused at why there is such an effort to control gender and place it within the binaries of male/female and as a bisexual individual why there was an effort to control the sexuality of others. Today in theory class I had an “Aha!” moment when discussingContinue reading “The Management of Gender and Sexuality”

Social Instiutions are like organs, and Ed Gein liked those

Ed Gein and structural-functionalism. What do they have in common, if anything? Radcliffe-Brown’s structural-functionalist theory was a powerful theory at the time though it left many things unexplained, like social deviancy. His theory focused primarily on the fact that certain social institutions were created naturally in order to fulfill certain functions of society and defineContinue reading “Social Instiutions are like organs, and Ed Gein liked those”

Spencer: The Unsung Hero of a Modern Conservative

I do not consider myself to be an extremist on many topics. I don’t have strong feelings about the death penalty or how to regulate the economy other than some “common sense” laws to keep corporations from abusing workers or the environment. I believe in an individual’s right to own certain weapons with proper regulationsContinue reading “Spencer: The Unsung Hero of a Modern Conservative”