It Came to Me in a Dream : Levi-Strauss & Tumblr

  “It came to me in a dream,” may not be an acceptable citation in a research paper, but it can definitely be a source of some rather interesting conversation starters.  Conversations with my friends have led to some pretty out there discussions that leave us wondering how in the world we got there.  TheContinue reading “It Came to Me in a Dream : Levi-Strauss & Tumblr”

Darwin in Pop Culture

Darwin in Pop Culture   Unlike most academics of times gone by, Darwin is alive and well in Pop Culture today.  He makes himself at home on the internet through memes, demotivational posters, and the absolutely hilarious Darwin Awards.  Even if they never studied the Theory of Evolution in school, most people have a leastContinue reading “Darwin in Pop Culture”

Independent Invention & Cultural Diffusion

Edward Tylor – author of the first anthropology textbook, Oxford professor, and “armchair anthropologist” – asked how similarities between cultures could be explained when the cultures in question came from different regions.[1] To answer his own question, Tylor came up with two theories that could do so; ‘independent invention’ and ‘cultural diffusion.’[2] Independent invention explainsContinue reading “Independent Invention & Cultural Diffusion”