Power, Knowledge, and Aliens

Foucault states that power is knowledge, instead of the common thought that knowledge is power.  When speaking about power, he would be referring to the individuals who hold a large amount of authority and credibility giving them a higher social status in society. His claim that power is knowledge assumes that these figures of authorityContinue reading “Power, Knowledge, and Aliens”

Mead and Activism

Margaret Mead was a feminist of her time, whether she considered herself one or not. Born in 1901, she studied with Franz Boas, her mentor, and Ruth Benedict, her romantic partner. During this time in the early half of the twentieth century, Margaret Mead developed many of her ideas. Her belief in cultural relativism,  passedContinue reading “Mead and Activism”

Marx’s Theory and the Chrysler Plant Shutdown in Kenosha County

Karl Marx was an extremist in his views on the connections between political systems and culture. He was a man that grew up during industrialization and felt its unfair treatment towards capitalist workers. His reaction to this was his Communist Manifesto published in 1848 which analyses class struggle and the problems that arise under capitalistContinue reading “Marx’s Theory and the Chrysler Plant Shutdown in Kenosha County”