Darwin in Pop Culture

Darwin in Pop Culture   Unlike most academics of times gone by, Darwin is alive and well in Pop Culture today.  He makes himself at home on the internet through memes, demotivational posters, and the absolutely hilarious Darwin Awards.  Even if they never studied the Theory of Evolution in school, most people have a leastContinue reading “Darwin in Pop Culture”

Spencer: The Unsung Hero of a Modern Conservative

I do not consider myself to be an extremist on many topics. I don’t have strong feelings about the death penalty or how to regulate the economy other than some “common sense” laws to keep corporations from abusing workers or the environment. I believe in an individual’s right to own certain weapons with proper regulationsContinue reading “Spencer: The Unsung Hero of a Modern Conservative”

The Organic Analogy and Biology

By Jessica Hebert The organic analogy is an analogy that compares society to a physical organic being. This analogy is used by the social theorists Spencer and Durkheim to make sense of society, but is used in biology to compare living organisms to societal components. Within this analogy Spencer, a social theorist, compares the individualContinue reading “The Organic Analogy and Biology”

A Word Cloud based on today’s lecture on 19th century social evolutionists

http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/4735833/19th_century_evolutionists_in_Anthropological_Theory_lecture_January_2012 Sorry, I couldn’t upload the picture, there was no ‘save image’ feature.

XMind Share has sent you a mindmap: Marx & Engels

Hi, This is an xmind map I was playing with to try to visually show relationships among theorists. I am now experimenting with whether I can post it to our blog or not. Please check out the mindmap here: http://www.xmind.net/share/kagillogly/marx-english/ I’m not too sure how it got named Marx-English, however.