Welcome to Spring 2016

Before we start, here’s some notes about this blog for the students in SOCA 302 in Spring 2016. Read through the previous blog posts. These were written by other students like you, with about as much knowledge of anthropological theory as you (perhaps even less!). See what they’ve written? It’s fun, it makes theory accessible,Continue reading “Welcome to Spring 2016”

March 1st is soon upon us

Remember, you must have your first blog post up by March 1st. Here’s a topic – The Olympics! What does that storm and glory and spectacle mean? What kind of analysis of it can you do? If you want other ideas, contact me! Also, don’t forget to comment on others’ posts. Chris already has oneContinue reading “March 1st is soon upon us”

Professional Demeanors on our Class Blog

Be creative and adventuresome, but treat this all professionally. I can see that a lot of people have personalized screen names – not too surprising if you already have an online presence! BUT do not expect other people in the class to know who you are. I can guess because I’ve known some of youContinue reading “Professional Demeanors on our Class Blog”