Little White Lies

Structural-functionalism is primarily interested in the rules of society, it assumes the members of the society simply acted according to these rule and the exceptions to these rules were dismissed as “deviant”  (Moberg 2013, 208). This thinking didn’t consider that “deviant” behavior could be a regular behavior that exists within the society and should beContinue reading “Little White Lies”

The Organic Analogy and Biology

By Jessica Hebert The organic analogy is an analogy that compares society to a physical organic being. This analogy is used by the social theorists Spencer and Durkheim to make sense of society, but is used in biology to compare living organisms to societal components. Within this analogy Spencer, a social theorist, compares the individualContinue reading “The Organic Analogy and Biology”

Human Nature and Parenting

Alan Sears’ A Good Book, In Theory shows the stark contrast two authors have when it comes to how they view human behavior.  A British man named William Golding wrote the well-known novel Lord of the Flies in 1954, which is about young boys who find themselves in a situation with no parental units. WithContinue reading “Human Nature and Parenting”

Down the rabbit hole with no spoon by Rick Tufnell

In the 1999 action blockbuster The Matrix, Morpheus asks these seemingly simple questions “What is real? How do you define real?” As students of anthropology these questions intrigue because it is our job to observe and analyze people and their culture. Yet, in order to do this we as observers have to answer those veryContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole with no spoon by Rick Tufnell”

I’m Going Mental For Anthropology

It seems that anthropology looks at the norms of different societies, but I haven’t seen them look at the abnormal things in societies, such as mental disorders. I am pretty sure that other cultures have mental disorders and clearly deal with them in different ways. Through my classes in psychology we have not only talkedContinue reading “I’m Going Mental For Anthropology”

A link between Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Dual majoring in Criminal Justice and Anthropology requires me to compare and contrast concepts that are taught in both fields.  While reading the last 3 chapters of A Good Book, In Theory I have seen the most connections between the fields than I ever have before, in my 5 years at UW-Parkside.  In Criminal JusticeContinue reading “A link between Anthropology and Criminal Justice”

March 1st is soon upon us

Remember, you must have your first blog post up by March 1st. Here’s a topic – The Olympics! What does that storm and glory and spectacle mean? What kind of analysis of it can you do? If you want other ideas, contact me! Also, don’t forget to comment on others’ posts. Chris already has oneContinue reading “March 1st is soon upon us”

My thoughts on the readings so far

I hope you’ll pardon me if this is a little bit of a ramble. I do feel like there are connecting threads! As I mentioned in class, one of the things that I found striking in the discussion of theory so far was the way that, in one important respect, positivism and post-modern thought convergeContinue reading “My thoughts on the readings so far”