Down the rabbit hole with no spoon by Rick Tufnell

In the 1999 action blockbuster The Matrix, Morpheus asks these seemingly simple questions “What is real? How do you define real?” As students of anthropology these questions intrigue because it is our job to observe and analyze people and their culture. Yet, in order to do this we as observers have to answer those veryContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole with no spoon by Rick Tufnell”

“The Persistence of Memory”

    Alright, this goes back a little from what we’ve recently been reading about in class, but in chapter six of A Good Book, In Theory by Alan Sears & James Carins, Sears & Carins discuss the concept of time. As the world became more industrialized, and technology advances, there becomes a stronger and stronger relianceContinue reading ““The Persistence of Memory””

Post one Sara Jozefowski

Chapter four of Sears and Cairins talks about the different ways people perceive reality and how it affects life. I think that the perception of reality is something that is really good for people to look at because it is something that varies person to person. There are even different levels of perceptional difference thatContinue reading “Post one Sara Jozefowski”

I’m Going Mental For Anthropology

It seems that anthropology looks at the norms of different societies, but I haven’t seen them look at the abnormal things in societies, such as mental disorders. I am pretty sure that other cultures have mental disorders and clearly deal with them in different ways. Through my classes in psychology we have not only talkedContinue reading “I’m Going Mental For Anthropology”

Phenomenology, Memories & Friendship

Alright, I ask for your pardons as I am not the greatest at actually creating a meaningful form of feedback. In reading Chapter four of Sears and Carins, I was rather fascinated by Phenomenology. For anyone who is reading this blog, and therefore this blog post, who is not in our Theory class, “Phenomenology… focusesContinue reading “Phenomenology, Memories & Friendship”

Eye Contact: A Breeching Experiment

“It’s not polite to stare.” is a fairly common phrase we hear. It makes people feel uncomfortable. But why? Why do we have to feel uncomfortable that someone is ACTUALLY paying close attention to what we’re saying? Don’t we think it’s rude if they don’t look at us when we were talking? Trying not keepContinue reading “Eye Contact: A Breeching Experiment”