The Expansion of Symbolism

I really enjoyed Victor Turner’s work on symbolism. Symbolism throughout peoples cultures and actions is highly intriguing to me and I always look for symbolism in everything around me. He did a really good job breaking down the various types of symbols, starting with primary and secondary. Primary symbols directly mimic an object, while secondaryContinue reading “The Expansion of Symbolism”

Obsessed with Formulating Culture- Why?

As one dives deep into the theorists of anthropology’s past, it is clear that one major question that has been posed time and time again is, What is the root of culture, and how does it change over time? It is a question that seemingly cannot be answered in one nicely wrapped answer, and itContinue reading “Obsessed with Formulating Culture- Why?”

British Structural Functionalism/ Does a perfect society work ?

I was a little confused on this topic a little bit when we discussed it in class, I had some questions and I also found it a little hard to understand when it came to looking at people within their own society. It made me instantly have different examples come to mind on how myContinue reading “British Structural Functionalism/ Does a perfect society work ?”

British Structural Functionalism

One theory that I am still a little confused on is British Structural Functionalism. I have mixed thoughts about this theory, too. I found it interesting to learn about the ideas of structure and agency. Looking at it through the example of criminals, I found this to be an easier thing for me to understand.Continue reading “British Structural Functionalism”