Foucault and “brainwashing by the state”.

Foucault’s work builds upon the ideas of Louis Althusser (a French structural Marxist), who observed that states govern using force and an “ideological state apparatus,” or the institutions (education, law, and politics) by which the state promoted its version of the “truth”. Foucault also thought that power did not simply involve physical or economic coercion,Continue reading “Foucault and “brainwashing by the state”.”

Tylor’s Misconception

Tylor proposed a very fascinating and very simple theory, that human religion can be tracked side by side with human advancement. That if we were to look at a culture that had religion in a specific form or function that we could extrapolate other information about how advanced or primitive that culture or society really is.  Of course,Continue reading “Tylor’s Misconception”

Durkheim and the Religious Evolution of the Nuer

Emile Durkheim was renowned for his work on religion. Rather than taking a philosophical vantage he asserted that society does not worship God, but rather society worships itself. This meant the concept of God was something that was created by society and fit according to the needs of society. His original study looked at whatContinue reading “Durkheim and the Religious Evolution of the Nuer”