A Nuer Way of Thinking

 When we started discussing The Nuer, I was instantly drawn in and was excited. I was interested in the way they did things, how they acted on a daily basis, how they spent their time, and how they viewed others. I was curious as to how they thought about other people. Their culture is differentContinue reading “A Nuer Way of Thinking”

Interesting Theory

By: Michaela Wieties I was a little nervous about taking a theory class because I was afraid I would not entirely understand it. Then I started thinking more about how that might be part of what makes theory interesting. I did not know much about Karl Mark before this class. It seems like everyone knowsContinue reading “Interesting Theory”

Weber and his Possible Obsession with Shoes and Inspirational Quotes

  Though I am unsure of the origin of the sayings, I remember my mother always quoting things like “until you walk a mile in another person’s shoes”. And now aside from my mother, when I hear or read something similar, I think Weber. Maybe this is the reason I felt a likeness towards hisContinue reading “Weber and his Possible Obsession with Shoes and Inspirational Quotes”